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Shrinivas Sugandhalaya
The creation of Nag Champa back in 60's yield massive success & it is in demand all over the world, even after 5 decades. Shri Satyam Setty followed up the massive success of Nag Champa with many other products like Dhoop Sticks & Cones, Incense Sachets, Massage Oils, etc.

The Company has seen exponential growth in recent times & has ventured into developing a customized range of Incenses, incense Cones & other products in the field of Perfumeries.
Web: www.shrinivassugandhalayabngllp.com

Our products carry a triple seal of Truth. Ayurvedic, Organic and Ethical. For us, truth is the route to beauty. We discovered this on our travels in the Himalayas, and from our grounding in the ancient Indian texts and The Earth Charter a celebrated guide to making life and business just and sustainable.

ORGANICALLY FARMED The botanicals we use are either organic or harvested without chemical contamination from wild forests.

ETHICALLY-SOURCED We collect our ingredients through NGOs who work with local farmers and communities. Ethical harvesting practices are used to encourage forest regeneration, and to prevent exploitation.

NO HARSH CHEMICALS We list every ingredient that goes into our products. We do not use petroleum-based products, SLS/SLES, silicones, parabens, DEA/TEA, phenoxyethanols or artificial fragrances and colours. SoulTree is present at all major cities of India including France, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Spain, Bulgaria, Ukraine, South Africa, Australia and Japan.
Web: www.soultree.in

Ixorra exports private limited
Smell and Smile. Leading manufacturer and Exporter of Premium quality perfumed Incense Sticks Note: No child labor is used in any kind of our business. We are reduced and discared all wastage at each and every stage of manufacturing process. All waste materials are recycled according to the law. We do not use any chemicals for fragrances that are injurious to health of users or the environment.

Hem Incense
One of the leading incense manufacturers and exporters, Hem Corporation, is headquartered at Mumbai, India.

Web: www.hemincense.com

Lailokens Awen
Specialising in Druid Products. Home Hand-crafted organic Loose Incense, Stick Incense, Spell Candles, Anointing Oils, Smokeless Smudge Sprays, and Bath Salts. Made using hermetic principles, and respecting astrological correspondences. Packaged in biodegradable cellophane with recyclable paper labels.
Web: https://www.lailokensawen.com

CREATORS OF WORLD CLASS INCENSE The incense is made of a paste consisting of the powders of dried flower petals, sweet smelling herbs and woods, spices, resins, some charcoal which is an excellent burning material and perfumes based on Natural Essential Oils. All these ingredients are mixed with water to form a paste. The paste is then rolled by hand around bamboo sticks and left to dry. After drying the rolled sticks are selected, trimmed and perfumed. Auroshikha's fragrances are in compliance with the guidelines of I.F.R.A (International Fragrance Association, Geneva, Switzerland)
Web: https://www.auroshikha.com/

Tulasi Incense
Sarathi International manufacturing quality incense since 1945, featuring the Tulasi brand. Regarded as the most socially conscious incense manufacturer is as important to Sarathi Perfumery as producing an authentic product. No child labor is used in any aspect of our business. We strictly comply with all labor laws and statutory requirements in hiring and providing compensation. Our dedicated work force is the reason we are able to offer good quality products in the market. We make every effort to ensure a clean, safe and hygienic work environment with good ventilation, friendly atmosphere and all facilities that make it a fulfilling place to work in. Sarathi's employees enjoy compensation and benefits per competitive market standards. We also extend financial aid for the employees children's education.
Web: http://sarathi.com/

BIC Incense
Bharat Industrial Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors for Agarbathi and Dhoop Sticks in India and the world. Based in Bangalore with a legacy spanning over 4 decades. A pioneer in the manufacture of Dhoop Sticks, today BIC produce the widest range of Incense and Dhoop Sticks, in a wide variety fragrances, including the well known brand Panchavati.

Morning Star
For stimulation and relaxation in your life. What does fragrance do? It stimulates you at times, and it relaxes you at other times. Today, incense has captured people's hearts and plays a major role in relaxing or healing care, fulfilling our time and space and bringing contentment to our lives.
Web: https://www.nipponkodo.com/

Vrindavan Body Care
A family business, operating since 1996, producing natural skin care products without harsh chemicals, using only the ingredients that nature provides us, and that do not harm our environment or any living entity. All Vrindavan products are free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), 100% vegetarian, and in most cases vegan. Our products are not tested on animals and proudly carry the Cruelty Free logo.
Web: https://vrindavanbodycare.com/

Bharath Darshan
Prepared using various combinations of herbs, oils, etc, our incense sticks are unmatched in the realm of aroma. Bharat is the Sanskrit name for ancient India and means 'the land of King Bharata'. Darshan means 'to see and be seen by a deity or holy person, or to make a pilgrimage to a sacred place.' So Bharat Darshan means a Pilgrimage to Ancient India.
Web: https://www.facebook.com/pg/bharathdarshans/about/

Amber'osia Jewellery
The Baltic region is home to the largest known deposit of amber, called Baltic amber or succinite. It dates from 44 million years ago. It has been estimated that these forests created more than 100,000 tons of amber. Today, more than 90% of the world's amber comes from Kaliningrad Oblast of Russia.
Web: www.tulsi.com.au

Song of India
Song of India, established in the year 1932, is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Natural & Herbal Products - Oils, Perfumes, Soaps, Cosmetics, Incense, Candles, Room Fragrance and other Aroma Products in Delhi, India Their Organic Goodness range of incense, reed diffusers and soy candles are not to be missed.
Web: https://rexpoindia.com/