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Dear new customer, Welcome to Tulsi and our online enquiry process.
We are delighted you are considering Tulsi as your suppiler of quality fragrant products. Please be aware that online access is for bona fide retail shops in commercial premises only.

As part of our company ethical obligations, we screen prospective shops to confirm they are a bona fide commercial business and no conflict with existing Tulsi customers.
We reserve the right to withhold certain brands to new customers to protect existing customers.
We trust you can understand why we do this and that if the situation was reversed would respect Tulsi looking after your best interests first over that of a new customer starting up in close proximity.

We will activate usernames and passwords for bona fide retail shops ONLY.

Marketeers and businesses run from home will not be supplied our private label products including the Spiritual Sky range. For this reason, marketeers/businesses from home do not have online access.

We still offer marketeers and 'businesses run from home' quite a comprehensive range of the vast majority of our products. These orders can be placed via email, fax or phone.

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