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* Corona virus update*

Here @ Tulsi we are very concerned for everyone in these never before seen times. The entire world is battling a hidden enemy that is destroying so many lives.

We are doing our very best to manage the situation, keep our staff safe and also continue to process/deliver your orders.

To all our loyal and valued Customers please bear with us - the couriers are all running (literally) late and they like us are struggling a bit with the workload.

We are open 5 days/week : M-F / 9-4 

Please send emails or leave a message on our answering machine and Christine will get back to you promptly.

Let us all follow the government safe practice guidelines and look forward to the day we can get back to our normal life again - Rog.

  • To all our Customers please note - with Corona logistic problems some couriers are arriving @ locations to find that shop is shut.
  • You must tell us prior if you are not there M-F in normal working hours so we can advise couriers of your changed hours.
  • If you dont let us know and we incurr 2nd delivery charges these will need to be adjusted back to us by the customer.
  • If you require a package dropped @ your home address due to shortened shop trading hours, please let us know BEFORE your order is booked.

Tulsi Incense | Wholesale Incense Sticks

Nag Champa, HEM, Auroshikha, Spiritual Sky, and Song of India incense for wholesale orders. Also, cones, soy candles, smudge sticks, soaps, holders & burners, and more.........

Huge range, lowest prices, and fast friendly service. "Create account" for online wholesale ordering. If set up during normal business hours, username can be activated straight away. If outside of normal business hours, the username will be activated the next business day. * ONLY bona fide retail shops with commercial addresses will have usernames activated.

We are a wholesaler and do not supply directly to the general public.

Tulsi does not support or consciously buy anything within our product range that involves animal testing or child labour.

Logistics as of Jan 1, 2021 :

Courier fees from Tulsi to you are unavoidable costs that we strive to minimise.

Deliveries on orders under $500 (ex gst) to QLD, ACT, NSW, VIC and SA (SA metro only) - $20 These terms may not apply to far north QLD nor remote areas of ANY state/territory, and will be assessed on a case by case basis.

When shopping cart reaches $550 (GST inclusive) then free freight to QLD, ACT, NSW, VIC and SA (SA metro only)

Shipments to Metro NT & TAS - $30, in most cases. *Note*: if your order can fit suitably in a satchel, we will adjust the courier charge accordingly.

Shipments to Metro WA $40, in most cases.

These charges do not fully cover the costs of courier fees to many stores, but are a shared burden between Tulsi and our valuable customers.

*From March 1 2021 Spiritual Sky perfume order is a minimum of 2 bottles for any 1 scent, excluding testers*.

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