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New Products

Whats new @ Tulsi for the start of 2020?

Soultree our Ayurvedic and Organic skin care range is selling well.

These are a beautiful skin care range that leave the face,hair,lips and body luxuriating in natural goodness.

Haven Scent soaps are a wonderful free range goats milk range with 8 scents. Again all natural ingredients,

nothing artifical and even made from their fully solar powered farm!

Lailokens Awen are products from our magician Druid Hermeticist in Canada who makes handmade

resins,incense,spell candles and ritual sets aligning to the planetary correspondences.

They are very popular with Wicca, Pagan and Druid customers but why not try some for yourself

for a new experience.

The Song of India 'Organic Goodness' range of incense,candles and room diffusers are a complete display in themselves. Quite a few of our customers have cleared some clutter in their shops to properly showcase them as a complete - wow - display and have been getting some excellent sales reults on this range.

More new stock comimg in the coming months from Namaste land - Rog.