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Soul Tree products are available from Tulsi

Roger Chadwick

The wonderful organic range of Soul Tree products are available from Tulsi
to registered wholesale buyers or in Perth from Ticnotox.
Soul Tree is starting to get people talking and also noticed in the natural body products world due to its outstanding qualities.
It is the only body care company in India that has achieved the prestigious BDIH certification for 100% organic ingredients.
This is a German based international organisation that scrutinises every single ingredient in every product.
To get their tick is not only satisfying & recognition for all of Soul Tree's hard work as the maker,
but it means that you the consumer can instantly know what you are buying has had
all the testing done and been found pure and safe for use by you.
There are many so called "all pure & natural" manufacturers out there that hide under the cloak of the minimum amount of ingredients
that make up current laws on what constitutes organic - Soul Tree stands alone from them with their commitment to quality and pure sourced materials.
The products they make stem from Ayurvedic medicine principles - it is a whole body approach to health that has been used for millenia
in India