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Boss's Blurb

Roger Chadwick

SPRING - best time of the year.
Had a heinz variety dog (we never knew exactly what was in her?) that came from flea markets in Gympie.
She cost $5 and lasted fifteen years.
The guy who sold her said she was from a litter of pups that were born at the start of Spring.
So Spring was her name.
Every time around this year I have fond thoughts of her as only the bond between man and dog over time can bring.
Whats new @ Tulsi for Spring?
Well we have our smudge kits up and running and they are selling well,
A brand new range of incense is on its way on board the ship HMS 'Curry in a Hurry' as I type.
My wife found it via a social media site, they sent us some samples and have to say we were very pleasantly surprised at the quality so we put in an order - watch our website for the arrival/release date.
Also our long awaited hand carved soap stone towers and jars are almost here as well.
Has been quite a few delays in India over the last 6 months trying to get goods out due to 5% gst being introduced by the Indian government. Lot of - Not happy Jan ! suppliers and port congestions,
throw in monsoon rains with flooding in Mumbai and its easy to see why the hold ups with shipping.
Never mind the world still turns and we are fortunate to have a large range of stock to carry us over until the next orders arrive.
To all our many customers - Xmas is not that far away and it might be a good time over the next few months to start stocking up and also looking at new products to give you a competitive edge againt some of the competition.
We are constantly updating and getting new items so stay tuned and talk with Chris our admin gal.
She is a wealth of information and a big help to all.
Until next time - Namaste and be true to your dreams - Rog.