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Article #1

Well hallo to all our valued customers.

2017 saw a changing of the guard at Tulsi and as a wise man once said "the only constant in the Universe is change itself".

As a lot of you know already, dear Geoff @ 65 years young has retired, and my wife Jilly and I are the lucky new owners.

We went from having several boxes of incense @ home to suddenly having several tons of it.

The first day we went to look @ Tulsi the most wonderful smell met us about 50 metres out before we even got to the front door.

That same delightful mix of 1,000's of incenses still greets us every day when we go to work.

As you can imagine Tulsi is a large business and we had (still do) a lot to learn.

It is in fact 2 businesses' an import business first and foremost and then a distribution business.

The large amount of stock we carry has been carefully set up by Geoff over the decades so as when an internet or phone order comes in our awesome long term staff can get it picked and packed within a 24 hr time frame, and more often than not on the same day - what a great service to all our wholesale buyers.

Last week we went to India with Geoff and his wife or Mandapa and Priya in their Krishna names.

They were so very hospitable to us both and showed us areas of Delhi they knew that would take us years to find on our own.

Old and new Delhi is a sprawling city of nearly the population of Australia intermingled with constant smog, possibly the most unbelievable road driving skills you will ever see on the planet, wealthy people rubbing shoulders with the poorest of poor living in literally shoe boxes and yet mega infrastructures being built in cow paddocks.

We just watched and observed - but I did notice that while my wife closed her eyes many times in disbelief and after removing her fingernails from my forearm, that while we were playing dodgem cars and scraping the sides of other vehicles that it's just the way it's done in Namaste land.

I noticed cows had picked the right place to live - they are sacred in India as every part of the beast can be used.

So if Mr Cow wants to walk across the freeway @ peak hour everyone stops and lets him do his thing and they do so like there is not a car on the road and they are out for a Sunday stroll chewing their cud!

We met a lot of our suppliers and they were all very welcoming to us as the new Kahunas, even met Mr Nag Champa himself - and we will be taking him up on his offer to visit the Bengaluru factory on our 2018 visit - something we didn't know - his father (passed on) who invented the world's biggest selling incense had no real sense of smell.

He mixed up all the ingredients together based on his understanding of them and let others tell him what they thought of the aroma - quite amazing really.

We also found some new treasure which we will start selling on our site when they arrive in several months - so keep an eye on the net for updates.

And lastly to finish for now, the website is getting updating next month with what the teenager says are "frothing" images, so hope you all enjoy some positive changes to Tulsi.

Until next month - Rog.