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Tulsi - Tassy Run Nov. 2019

Hi all,

Jilly and I have returned from apple and scallop land - did partake of one or two scallops I must confess.

God's country and if you have never been to Tassy - just go!

Met many existing customers and some wonderful new ones.

Towns like Deloraine where a wild platypus swam up to our feet and Cockle Creek as far south as you can drive

with giant pacific oysters off the rocks remain locked in our treasured memories.

Arthur River in the wild top west was 0.C and 110 klm winds, just a regular day there really :(

Worst part was 20' plus waves on the ferry night trip back - we both rolled out of bed - lol.

Have some wonderful new products coming in 2020 - an amazing new supplier

of our very popular ceramic draws - very proffesional and vibrant colours,

more devine Yatra products, a new bathroom set range and a few surprises.

Keep an eye on our website or ask Christine.

Namaste and be true to your dreams - Rog.