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Tulsi Cairns Sales Run

Jilly and I have just returned from our north Queensland sales run in the Tulsi caravan,

which looks like any other caravan on the road - lol!

We went as far north as the Daintree and Cairns, Mackay and Townsville are all doing well.

Magnetic Island was postcard perfect the day we caught the ferry out.

Our fav spot of the whole trip was Etty Bay near Innisfail where wild Cassowaries casually stroll by getting very close to people.

Was breath taking to see living dinosaur descendants walking only a few feet away.

We met many shop keepers on our 5,000 klm trip - Ixorra our new incense range is doing well for quite a few of them

along with the Organic Goodness range of incense,candles and diffusers.

A few are shutting up shop and retiring after many decades of being Tulsi customers

and we wish them many happy days in their twilight years.

Has been very busy @ the warehouse - Christine who is a big favourite with customers

pumps out the orders and the warehouse girls are madly picking and packing.

Soul Tree is continuing to grow and we are just about to release a sister website - Soul Tree Australia.

For all you Ayurvedic fans out there it is a dedicated site just for Soul Tree products.

Any product enquiries or sales get automatically transfered to the parent Tulsi site.

Thats all for now so Namaste and be true to your dreams - Rog.