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Spiritual Sky

Our famous Spiritual Sky Perfumes have been sold in Australia for over 40 years.

Chances are you Mum or even Grandmother was wearing them in their youth and are still buying them today.

The same iconic small square sided bottle is still the same albiet we now have round tops for ease of opening/closing.

22 Scents are available, they smell great and are very good value for money.

The formulas are a closely kept secret and we work on new scents when changes occur in the International Fragrance Association (IFRA)

Aphrodesia was one of our long term stable sellers, when changes came about in the IFRA with ingredient supplies and a scarcity of a specific item we went back to the sniffing lab and came out with Shanti. It is now one of our most popular scents and definitely worth a try to see if it suits you.





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SpSky perf oil Ylang-Ylang

Product Code: (3ocy / 3oty / 3ouy)

NOW WITH ROUND LIDS 8.5mL Available as 'carded' (with packaging for a hanging display) or 'uncarded' (simply the bottle). Testers...

Brand: Spiritual Sky


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